Join Positive Rate Mortgage and Lend a Hand to Graham and GForce!


Graham and his family face out-of-pocket ALS related expenses of $250,000 - $300,000 a year.

Chris Zarnik is a long-time Harden family friend and former lacrosse player at the US Air Force Academy and New Canaan High School. He is a military veteran, commercial pilot, aviation consultant, owner of Positive Rate Mortgage and he wants to help in a BIG WAY!

He has created “Mortgages for a Cause” a program where 100% of mortgage sales commissions will be donated to GForce and Graham Harden’s battle with ALS!  This is a WIN-WIN for everyone but most importantly, the Harden Family.

If you are in the market for a new home or want to refinance and take advantage of the exceptionally low interest rates currently available, please consider working with this charitable program.

As a 20-year wholesale provider, Chris offers incredibly LOW rates and rapid loan processing.  He is licensed in16 states and adding more.  Call or email Chris and ask for a GForce mortgage or refinancing quote.  It’s simple and there’s no commitment for a quote! or 919-264-6212.

Still have questions?  Click here for our FAQ.  Learn even more by visiting Positive Rate Mortgage at

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What states are you licensed in?
    • CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IN, MN, NC, NH, OH, SC, TN, TX, UT, VA, and WV.
    • MA and MD in progress.
  2. What if my state isn’t listed?
    • No problem!  Just ask and I will file the paperwork for your state and be ready to roll as soon as the license is approved, usually just a few weeks.
  3. How do you handle local appraisals?
    • Appraisals are now managed by appraisal management companies.  They vet and hire local appraisers. The selection of the appraiser is random and loan officers do not have any contact with them so that there can be no possibility of loan officer influence or conflict.
  4. I have a private banking relationship with special rates. Are you competitive with them?
    • Every loan scenario is different.  I recommend you get quotes from your banking relationships as well as Positive Rate Mortgage.  Normally PRM can compete with these banks, however, it depends on your relationship with them and the volume of assets you have deposited with them.  It also depends on the type of loan that you are getting. For example, they typically don’t offer VA loans. On the other hand, private banks do compete well with jumbo sized loans above the high balance lending limits.
  5. How do you interact with local title companies?
    • I can use whatever title company that the borrower wants to use, however, the banks that I use have relationships with major title companies and because of the volume of business that they do, their fees are typically less than doing a one-off deal with a local title company.
  6. How long will the new mortgage application process take?
    • A typical mortgage application over the phone takes 20 minutes and depends on the complexity of your financial situation.
  7. How long will a refinancing take?
    • The refinance process from start to finish has been averaging 30 days or slightly less.
  8. What is the commission that is donated?
    • The entire commission earned will be donated to GForce.  This will be validated by showing what the commission is on the loan estimate at the time of application and on the closing disclosure that is issued prior to your closing.
  9. Can you explain how the donation works?
    • Positive Rate Mortgage receives a check for the commission after the closing.  After deposit, Positive Rate Mortgage will send a check for the exact same amount to GForce.