A Brief History of How Time Flies

Wow…it has been 19 months since my diagnosis and four months since my last post.  Yikes!

Fortunately, I am still walking, talking, eating, and doing most of what I want.  That is not to say that I have not progressed.  Fine motor skills with my hands have become a challenge (think of having no gloves on during cold weather and trying to tie shoes) and my speech is impacted due to decreased lung efficiency.  Each day is a new normal and you have to embrace it.  Stephen Hawking did so for 55 years – a great example of never giving up and contributing in your own unique way.

Favorite things accomplished over the past four months:

4)  Mission trip #2 to Mexico. Worried about what you don’t have, go see what others don’t and realize what you do.  You may discover what you should truly cherish.

3)  Advocacy week in DC. For the needle to move with ALS, government needs to be embarrassed into action, otherwise we will see minimal movement with the disease over the next 78 years (it has been 78 years since Lou Gehrig’s speech).  That’s how we made progress with HIV/AIDS.

2)  Medical school patient guest appearance.  I attended one of my neurologist’s med school classes that he teaches and was able to pick on him in front of his students.  I am guessing he may rethink inviting me again. 🙂

1)  Spending time with friends and family.

Game On!