Ghost Post

If this publishes, it means I am dead and technology is allowing me to get the last word. I want to thank you all for your love and support. I rode that wave as long as possible, but ALS is an unforgiving foe.

My parting gift…10 simple things I took for granted pre-ALS.

A deep breath of fresh air.

A stroll.

Picking something up.

The first bite of a meal.

The first gulp of a drink.

A conversation.

Scratching that itch.

Sleeping on my belly.

Riding with windows down.

A hug.

ALS was not all bad. It allowed me to reconnect with many friends and it taught me how to ask for help. Live well people. See ya, love ya, bye!

11 thoughts on “Ghost Post”

  1. Thank you, Graham. Both for the smile in memory of you and the reminders of how fortunate I am to be here and healthy today.

  2. Always and still an inspiration to all of us

    Going for a drive with all the windows down

    G Force Strong

  3. Touching words from a great friend, father, and mentor to many young athletes. We’ll miss you “cracker”; only hope we can live as you did with compassion and positivity.

  4. Why am I not shocked that you had to get that last word in there..Many of those things I now can’t do either so yes people, go live and enjoy right now ♥️ You’re missed Graham

  5. We were fortunate to have Graham in our Cincinnati community, and as a coach with Cincy Royals. Thanks for being a class act, a great role model and mentor to athletes and students. Your impact will be felt for a long time. Peace and gratitude to you and your family.

  6. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. May the Lord Bless and keep you. Condolences for all your friends and family.

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