I just returned to Ohio from an event this weekend in my childhood hometown of New Canaan coupled with a detour to New York City with Dawn and Lindsay.  Another fantastic weekend…with lots of walking in NYC (no one tell my doctor).  BTW, still minimal progression with little if any change since diagnosis.

The overwhelming theme at each and every event for my family has been love.  Love…a word we tend not to use enough even though we know we should.  I once reserved that word for family only.  How silly is that!  Yet, looking back I realize how fear drove me to refrain from using the best word we have.  Fear of rejection, ridicule, and retribution prevented me from being a better person.  I still need lots of work on being a better person, but I use the word “love” freely now and it feels good.  I encourage you to explore and to embrace this beautiful word.

On a bizarre level, I credit ALS for helping me along this path.  ALS has allowed me to reconnect with loved ones, to deepen relationships, and to put the fear of expressing love even further behind me.

On all levels, I must thank everyone who has been and will be a part of this journey, as no part is too small.  To quote one of Dawn’s favorite movies, “If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find that love actually is all around.”  How awesome is that!

6 thoughts on “Love”

  1. Miss Dawn is so right! Love is easy to find in so many things without even looking for it. I have been accused of using the word, love, so freely. Of course we love our families, our friends and even our acquaintances. My philosophy has always been, “take time to smell the coffee”. There are so many ways to see love if we just allow it in.

  2. LOVE LOVE your beautiful realization of sharing love with everyone who crosses our path in life. You and your family are such an inspiration to everyone around you. Keep steady and faithful as you take each step forward. God is using you and your family in a powerful way. His love is bountiful and exceeds our expectations. The greatest love of all! Prayers for strength and healing continue.
    Hugs and love to each of you, Debbie and family

  3. Love is what makes us humans god-like:)! Love ya Graham! And love watching Mariemont Warrior lacrosse!

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