Brady Dolan Interview

GForce recently caught up with a young player sporting a #88 jersey on the field but proudly displaying #37 on his helmet.  We sat down with our young friend to find out more. His passion for lacrosse and his big heart are remarkable. Thank you, Brady!!

  • First name, age, and hometown: Brady, Age 13, Apex, NC
  • Favorite ice cream: Cookies and Cream
  • Favorite movie: Remember the Titans because it’s about sports and a team coming together to win a championship.
  • Favorite sport: Lacrosse
  • Who’s your hero? Paul Rabil because he is a great player and he does a lot off the field to grow the sport of lacrosse.
  • How long have you been playing lacrosse? Eight years.  I started playing when I was in first grade.
  • Favorite position on the field? Attack because I like the competition between me and the defenseman guarding me.
  • What makes lacrosse your favorite sport? The lacrosse community is great.  It is both physical and creative and there are so many aspects to work on…whether it is dodging or shooting or feeding or riding.  I just have a lot of fun playing and practicing to get better.
  • Do you have a favorite college lacrosse team? UNC Tar Heels.  Both my parents went to UNC and we go to a lot of games.
  • I understand you save some of your allowance for charity.  That’s an admirable thing to do. How long have you been saving? About 1 year.
  • Why did you choose GForce as your charity? Graham is one of my parents’ good friends and I want to do everything I can to help him.
  • What makes GForce special to you? I really like Graham.  He is a really positive guy and he is always joking around with me.  It is unfair what ALS does to you and I want to help Graham.
  • I see you are doing more than just donating your allowance.  Tell me about your helmet. I put the #37 on the back of my helmet and on tape on my facemask because Graham wore the #37 at UNC.  It encourages me play my hardest and leave it all out on the field. The #37 reminds me that Graham is fighting his hardest every day too.
  • What do you wish other kids knew about ALS? It is a really challenging disease for the person who has it and for all the people around them who love them.

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