College Kid’s Party

Thanksgiving has many traditions, but one of my favorites is the gathering of all the college kids.  This year Susie Bortz, Angela LeMay and Sybil Schooler came up with the idea of a reunion party to benefit Graham Harden.  Since Graham’s ALS diagnosis was confirmed in August, many of the kids found out about it, but then had to leave to go to school.  Some came back for the ALS walk, but generally they were away at school with thoughts of their former coach weighing on their mind.  Thus the idea of the College Student Party was born.  They would gather Friday afternoon, play some games, eat Skyline and raise money to buy Graham a golf cart.

Friday afternoon was cold and gray, but about fifty former players gathered and together bought the shiny golf cart shown here in the picture along.  Hot chocolate and Skyline were the favorite features of the gathering, well that and old and renewed friendships.  The highlight was a Facetime session with Dawn and Graham. What started as an awkward group “Hi Graham!” quickly saw the phone being passed around as Coach and Mrs Coach Harden caught up with students and inspected Movember facial hair (mostly on the boys).

While we will not purchase a golf cart every year, we hope that these kids will gather for many years to raise funds for their former coach.