Final Four Raffle Weekend Raffle

On (another) Championship night for the UNC Tar Heels, the boys in Carolina Blue once again stood alone on the basketball court as champions. As Franklin Street erupted, and blue cups were consumed, there was some other bit of destiny and magic going on in Phoenix. The GForce foundation sponsored an inaugural raffle for a Final Four package: first class flights, world class accommodations, and some pre/post parties with celebrities and basketball royalty (including Kenny “The Jet” Smith).  It was a hugely successful event earning the foundation over $60,000!

However, a benevolent twist of the story makes it even better.  One generous donor purchased enough tickets to increase his odds of winning significantly, so it was not a surprise when his name was drawn.  But without missing a beat, he stated, “You know what, I would like to give my win back…so that Graham can go with his son.”   A truly kind and heartfelt gesture to Graham, his family and the GForce foundation.

Attached are a few pictures of Graham and Cole at the Final Four.  Cole plays on the Mariemont Varsity Basketball team, so was extremely excited to go and experience a Final Four.  What obviously made it extra special was not only the Heels being in the Final Four, but Graham and Cole getting to see live another championship for Chapel Hill.  It will be a memory both of them will have for a long time…father and son.

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