Graham visits his high school, Deerfield Academy

Graham visited his high school, Deerfield Academy, on April 12ths.  The day started when Graham was introduced to the entire school body at the assembly where he received a rousing ovation. He then went on to meet and address the girl’s varsity team prior to their departure for an away game. He then joined the boys varsity team in the locker room and gave them an inspiring talk about teamwork and friendship before going out to do the coin toss for the game against Navy Prep. He was having a fun time throughout and wanted to stick around afterwards to shake all the players hands. We have heard that everyone on campus was excited he was there and the team itself was really inspired and motivated by meeting him. Chip Davis, the Varsity coach, had introduced Graham as a “legend” whose reputation preceded him and the best lacrosse player to play at Deerfield.  It is worth mentioning that Chip had also brought the team to the USF ALS research facility in Tampa during their spring break lax team trip which is really cool of him and a great lead in for the dedication of the season to Graham.
All in all, it was a great day.

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