I am obviously not a big time blogger. I try to limit my thoughts on this blog to things I find important, but I realize it has been way too long, especially since I am living on borrowed time. Before I talk about my ALS progression I feel compelled to throw out some thoughts given recents events.

Poverty. We live in a country with a per capita GDP over $60,000, yet over 38 million live in poverty. If private industry can send people into space, we can figure this out. We tackle poverty and we tackle so many other problems. This should be number 1 on our list of things to solve.

Healthcare. Access to quality healthcare for all, nobody disagrees with that so make it work. For example, why can’t we mobilize preventative medicine to serve under served communities?

Police Protocol. As a former volunteer firefighter and EMT, I respect the job the police do. However, why are the police surprised people are upset when they openly support their bad apples (every job has them)? You need to change protocols. Fearing for your life comes with the job and is not a blanket excuse for talking someone’s life. Being judged by your bad apples is no fun…now you know how the black community feels.

Race. No one should be made to feel ashamed of their race. Period. If you do not take the time to discover another’s character, what does that say about yours?

With respect to my ALS progression, I was trached in January. The upside is I can now suction fluid from my lungs. The downside is I can no longer talk or smell (no air passes through my nose). Dawn says I still do not listen to her. I can still move most parts of my body, but with little strength. What is that like? With your foot on the ground, try moving only your pinkie toe. 😉

Love to all. You keep me upbeat and ready for anything that comes.