Three Years In Soon

Sorry, it does not seem like it, but it has been five months since my last post.  One whole lacrosse season where the girls and boys had incredible seasons, where each played their hearts out falling to the eventual state champions.  Another birthday and approaching three years post diagnosis.  Also, a Florence Nightingale nursing award for Dawn, which is a big deal here in Cincinnati (I already knew I married a rock star).

Almost three years in (August 16) and I am definitely an ALS patient now. Walking and standing are a hazards, which is weird to say, and I have transitioned to a powered wheelchair.  6.4 mph never seemed fast before.  My speech is a garbled mess that requires patience and an extremely good ear from conversationalists (18 letter word…beat that).  Hope to get my assistive speech device soon…the process has taken over six months.  Eating can be dangerous so I get most of my nutrition through a feeding tube.  Yum.

One constant over this time is change.  Some change you can prepare for and some you cannot, but the key to successfully transitioning is to embrace change and learn from it.