Time flies when life gets in the way!

It has been a while since my last post, but I have been a tad busy.

Spring break began the last week of March. Dawn, Cole, and I relaxed in Florida thanks to some generous Terrace Park friends and ended Spring Break in North Carolina at an awesome golf event organized by some surprisingly underserved business school friends…that is until the football helmets were found. April was a crowded calendar with visits to UNC, Deerfield, and New Canaan; each hosted by coaches with awesome character and planned by incredible friends. I had the good fortune to watch high caliber lacrosse during each visit against teams (Syracuse, Navy Prep, and Darien) that are fun to watch. Yes…I wrote I enjoy watching Syracuse play lacrosse, it is not a typo. Locally, the month of April saw the Mariemont girls’ and boys’ teams play a combined 18 games.

Not done yet with April. Even though I have progressed little if any since my last post, I decided to screen for the NP001 study last month as well. I qualified and began the infusion process, which entailed traveling to Columbus Monday thru Friday during the third week of April. Thanks to friends, I only had to drive myself up and back one day that week. Finished infusions this month already. Fortunately, the monthly process is only three successive days for the infusions from here on out, four more sets of three to go.

Balance that schedule ALS!

Cool tangent. A friend who recently moved from Connecticut returned to New Canaan for the event that was held at the beginning of March. She had yet to find a doctor where she had moved to and decided to schedule an appointment and mammogram with her old doctor in Connecticut while she was back. Unfortunately, the tests found malignancies in both breasts. Happily, it looks like the doctors were able to get it all. Had she continued to procrastinate, who knows what stage the malignancies would have become. ALS may have indirectly saved her. Like I said, pretty cool!